Dear SDC,

Greetings of the Day!!

The first and second week of August Batch has been completed, please ensure that as an SDC you have achieved following highlighted and significant aspects in terms of KYP Learners Learning.

This is with reference to the learning process of KYP Candidates

All the candidates should start learning sessions of minimum two courses, that means they should complete two sessions every day of BS-CIT with BS-CCS in first 60 days & remaining sessions of BS-CIT with BS-CSS in next 30 days of batch

Make sure that all the Learners have started learning of two KYP Courses i.e.BS-CIT and BS-CCS in the first and second week of August Batch.

Candidates should attempt all the Activities/Challenges/Assignments & Session Completion Test every day.

Ensure that all the Learners are attempting Activities/Challenges/Assignments and Session Completion Test every day

LF & Center Coordinator ensure that all candidates should complete minimum 2 sessions every day (24 working days *2 Sessions = 48 Sessions in a month)

Make sure that Learners have completed 24 sessions of KYP Courses in the first and second week of August Batch, with the aim of completing 48 sessions in one month

LF & Center Coordinator should also ensure that learning data is being uploaded every day

Ensure that as an LF and Center Coordinator, you are uploading the ERA learning data every day without fail

Learning progress should be monitored by using reports available in your SOLAR login (Path to check the reports Admission -> learner report -> View Learning Progress Summary (ERA) -> select course and batch (while selecting course, select BS-CIT, BS-CCS & BS-CSS individually)

Make sure that you are monitoring Learning Progress Summary of each Learner and communicating it to all Learner’s for completing the session in stipulated time

Download Course & Learner Data once in a week & when suggested by the concerned authorities.

Ensure that you have downloaded Course and Learner Data once, in the last week

Study&refer  blog regularly to get well acquainted with ERA, SOLAR & other aspects related to KYP.It’s like your immediate friend which guides you on all aspects.

Ensure that LF, Center Coordinator, and Center Owner have subscribed to the KYP Support Blog and referring same on regular basis 

Also, ensure that LF, Center Coordinator, and Center Owner getting notifications of blog updates on their subscribed email address

For any kinds of support/assistance while learning in ERA, please raise a support ticket from your SOLAR login.

Ensure that you are using Support Ticket System for any kinds of support/assistance.


Happy & Effective KYP Learning!!