Dear SDC,

We released OES update 4.5
  • The update is compulsory for all centers.
  • After the update ERA Explorer will get updated to version
  • Camera will be made compulsory for KYP exams and LF check.


Important instructions regarding the update

  1. This update will be downloaded automatically by the MKCL updater utility at all center which is connected to internet and popup will be shown to install the update. Need to ensure that the MKCL updater utility is running on the server-it can be ensured by clicking on the MKCL Updater icon on the desktop or by searching MKCL – Updater in start menu.
  2. Approximate size of the update will be around 22 MB.
  3. Approximate time to install the update is around 30-40 minutes.
  4. Please note that ERA-OES will not work during the update process.
  5. To avoid any inconvenience to the students it is recommended to install the update in the break time and not during the batch time.