We would like to inform you that, Admission to March 2018 KYP batch will be allowed to SDC’s whose Learning Facilitators (LF) have successfully passed both “OnCet Process Test” and “OnCet Proficiency test”.

The actual admissions for the March 2018 batch will start later in the system, however, SDCs can start allocating learners in excel sheet. Once the admissions started in SOLAR for March 2018 batch the data entry shall be done for enrolled learners on Excel Sheet.

Once the OnCeT final result is out, we will communicate you important dates for March 2018 batch thereafter you can start allocating learners in the SDC’s solar login.

Please note that the admission in SOLAR for March 2018 batch will be allowed for only those SDC’s whose LF’s are certified in OnCeT and BSDM call shall be final in this respect. In case all LFs of any SDC will not be certified in OnCeT (both in Process and Proficiency exams) then all such centers shall not be allowed to take admissions from next batch onwards.