This is regarding OnCeT Exam for June 2018 Batch.

As instructed by BSDM, OnCet Process Exam for the LF’s scheduled on May 05, 2018 & May 06, 2018 is postponed.

Along with this there is change in OnCet Exam process as follows,

  • Revised OnCeT Exam for June 2018 Batch onwards will have following 3 compulsory Papers,
  1. Process OnCeT Paper
  2. Proficiency OnCet (English) Paper
  3. Proficiency OnCet (IT) Paper
  • All the LF applied for OnCet (Fresh or Re-exam) need to appear for all the 3 papers.
  • LF OnCet exam will be conducted on a single day.
  • Exam will of 3 Hrs (1 hr per Paper)
  • There will be separate Passing for each paper
  • LF need to pass all the 3 papers to clear the OnCet Exam.
  • Based on the results of the 3 paper, the LF will be announced as OnCet Passed & it will be valid till March 31, 2019.
  • Revised OnCet Exam Date will be communicated later.