This is regarding OnCeT Exam for June 2018 Batch.

As instructed by BSDM, OnCet Exam for the LF is scheduled on 13th May  2018.

OnCeT Exam for June 2018 Batch will have following 3 compulsory Papers,

  1.       Process OnCeT Paper
  2.       Proficiency OnCet (English) Paper
  3.       Proficiency OnCet (IT) Paper


Important Note:

  1. All the LF applied for OnCet (Fresh or Re-exam) need to appear for all the 3 papers.
  2. LF OnCet exam will be conducted on a single day.
  3. Exam will of 3 Hrs (1 hr per Paper)
  4. There will be separate Passing for each paper
  5. LF need to pass all the 3 papers to clear the OnCet Exam.
  6. LF need to appear for the OnCet exam from his/her own center.
  7. Based on the results of the 3 paper, the LF will be announced as OnCet Passed & it will be valid till March 31, 2019.

Schedule for OnCet Exam:

  • Date of OnCeT Exam: 13th May  2018
  • Time: 09.00 AM Onwards
  • Location: LF’s Own SDC


It is prime responsibility of the Skill Development Center (SDC) to ensure that each trainer deployed by it undergoes the OnCeT Exam. Only the certified trainers passing the assessment will be eligible for imparting training.

Important Note:

  • Login credentials will be shared with those LF only who were newly added & reapplication of absent / failed LF in last OnCeT exam were done between 26th April to 2nd May 2018.
  •  OnCet LF Exam will be conducted on MKCL secured Browser i.e. ERA Explorer. Please follow the following mentioned to start the exam.
  • Click/Start ERA Explorer browser present on your Center Client. Select Server as Online Exam Server (Internet required) then click on proceed option and wait for a while.
  • Now Examination Event Name will appear as OnCeT Exam (For June 2018 batch ). Select the same and Enter the Login Credential received on registered Mobile No. of LF. Now click on the option “Take a test :–  OnCeT Exam (For June Batch)”
  • Login Credential will share by SMS on registered Mobile No. of LF on 12th May 2018 by evening.
  • Result of LF OnCet Exam will be displayed on your Solar Portal on 15th May 2018 by evening. Follow the following path to know the Result on Solar Portal ( 

Login>>> Select Report Tab>>> Select Exam Wise Link >>> Select Exam Body Bihar Skill Development Mission >>> Select Exam Event >>> Select the Final Exam Result.

  • June 2018 Batch will be allowed to only those SDC’s which will have Two OnCet certified LF.
  • It is mandatory to attempt the OnCet Exam (For June Batch) on 13th May  2018. Login Credential will be sent on LF Registered Mobile No. Inform your LF not to delete the Message received from BSDM.
  • OnCeT Exam need to be attended from LF’s own SDC.
  • Read the Important Instruction before beginning the Exam.