With the effort to improve quality of learning in KYP Course we have launched new ERA and a lot of systematic changes are getting introduced in the system gradually, one of these changes is the introduction of compulsory Biometric attendance of all learners and learning facilitators.

From the June 2018 batch onwards, biometric attendance shall be mandatory and no sessions will be accessible to the learners unless their biometric attendance is present in the system. Also, the calculation of invoice is going to take place based on not only the number of sessions completed by the learners but also as per biometric attendance of the learners, which as per BSDM Cost norms should be more than 80%. Hence, you are hereby instructed to ensure that the biometric attendance of learners are taken every day without fail. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the Biometric Attendance System is kept in good working condition. No excuse or manual attendance request shall be entertained by BSDM in this regards. You must take Biometric Attendance of all candidates both while starting and ending the daily class.

You are instructed to take Biometric Attendance of learners of all going ongoing batches with immediate effect. You must report any issues in the biometric system to your respective Cluster Manager through a support ticket / mail immediately, so that the issue can be resolved. Any issue reported after 31st May 2018 may not be addressed.

If in case required you may also keep additional biometric devices in spare so that in case of emergency it can be used.