BSDM has decided to provide Mock Test (Practice Test) to March 2018 Batch and further batches learner to make them comfortable with OES Exam Interface. Three practice exams viz BS-CIT, BS-CLS & BS-CSS has been enabled to make March 2018 batch and further batches learner aware about the OES. Total 30 logins for each centers has been created.

Important Note:-

o   These logins are not candidate specific, any candidate can use the login to practice the test

o   The purpose of the test is to get the candidates comfortable with OES exam interface

o   The login can be used for practice the tests prior to final exam.

o   The candidate can attempt the test unlimited time.

o   Same login can be used by any number of candidates from any batch

o   Candidate Login Details: Total 30 logins are present for each center. Pattern of Login Id is  <centercode>u1 to <centercode>u30. Example if center code is KYP02010029 then candidate username and password will be KYP02010029u1, KYP02010029u2, KYP02010029u3,……………., KYP02010029u30


  • Old ERA-OES (2017) & ERA Explorer must be installed, updated and activated on the server machine.
    • (If you don’t have the ERA framework installer then kindly contact to respective Cluster Manager/ DLC)
  • OLD ERA Explorer must be installed on the client machine.

Steps to enable the exam-

Follow the same steps which is followed to enable the KYP Final Examination.

  • Sync the Exam from OES with Exam Event Name as “KYP Final Exam Practice Test”
  • Follow following step to start the KYP Final Exam Practice Test:-


Step 1:- Select Local ERA/OES Server after opening ERA Explorer

Step 2:– Select Start OES

Step 3:- Select Exam Event (KYP Final Exam Practice Test)

Step 4:- Enter Candidate Login Credential:- Ex. Username:- KYP02010001u1 and Password:- KYP02010001u1