We would like to inform you that, we are going to release ERA update on 4th Jun 2018 At 11:00 AM onwards to fix the following points.

Update Points:

  1. Session back issue is resolved – those students facing session back issue they will not face this after update

Important: If particular SDC faces same issues after update, then please report the issue to Cluster Manager and DLC (support team).

  1. Please visit sequential node message issue is resolved
  2. Session not opening issue is handled in this update
  3. Learner allocation file not found” is resolved
  4. Learner profile is not valid, is resolved.

All other specific issues will be resolved by your Cluster Managers / DLC / RM through support ticket, if SDC’s face any issue after this update they are requested to raise the ticket so we can monitor exact status of issues.

How to Update ERA 2018 Server:

Step 1: You will find a massage at the bottom of ERA console (ERA 2018 server black screen) “On Your Next run Version Will Be:  ”

Step 2: Close the ERA 2018 Console & Reopen.

Step 3: You will find Message on ERA Console “You are using ERA version:   ”

Step 4: Do Health Check


Important Note: 

If ERA is not updating automatically, then don’t delete ERA folder from C:/ERA at any cost, if ERA server console is already running then you need to restart ERA console and wait for the message (bottom of the ERA server console mentioned in Step 1). Detecting ERA update is depend on internet speed it can take minimum 1 minutes to 15 minutes. During this update we are allowing LF to perform various activities from his login.