Dear SDC,

This is with reference to the KYP Learner App and Livedemy promotion, now we have update the app for the better experience.

Request you to create awareness among all the KYP Certified Learners. For same we have created an image which you can send to the learners, post it on notice board, can be used for marketing purpose etc.

Important Notes:

  • First create awareness among existing batches KYP Learners and also tell them to inform their friends who are already KYP Passed/Certified
  • Inform KYP Certified learners, whenever they visit your center
  • Post the guidelines of Livedemy and KYP Learner App on your centers notice board
  • Inform same in your regular marketing campaigns and whenever any candidate visits your center for KYP Admission
  • Use this video for doing above activities:
  • KYP Learner App Link: