Dear SDC,

In view of improving the quality of learning under Kushal Yuva Program, BSDM has taken and taking new decisions.

Many SDC’s suggested to make continuous changes in TAC’s to help course more engaging, so BSDM has decided to make frequent changes in TAC’s of all three courses of KYP.

The first change in the process will be taken place on 7th July 2018.

We request you to download the required file till 6th July 2018 using the link provided below. File Size of downloading file is: 360 MB. Please ensure that you have downloaded complete file.

SDC’s are requested to coordinate with each other and share the completely downloaded file with needy SDC’s, if they are facing issue in downloading file.

From 7th July 2018 onwards, only new TAC’s will work and SDC’s who have not completed above step will not be able to complete the sessions.

The process of copying the content at appropriate location will be communicated on 5th July 2018, till the time please keep the downloaded file in your ERA server at safe place.

Link to download: