This is to notify about refunding Learner Security Deposit that you have paid to BSDM using online mode at the time of confirmation of Learner’s admission. The said deposit is expected to be refunded to Learners on successful completion of KYP course.

We want to inform that Security Deposit are refunded to all learners in their registered Bank Account through RTGS who have successfully passed in KYP Exam conducted till 30th and 31st May 2018.


Important Notes regarding transfer of security deposit in Learners Bank Account:

Usually, after conduction of examination, security deposit gets transferred in learners registered bank account within 30 days.

In case learner has not received the payment in his registered bank account within the given timeline, then such learners should check following cases and complete the given process accordingly.



SDCs are expected to guide Learners and get the compliances done so that security deposit shall be refunded to Learners at the earliest.