Dear SDCs,

As per the notification dated on 29th June 2018, you must have downloaded the required content.

From Today (10th July 2018), the existing challenges from session 9th to session 41th of BS-CIT course is blocked.


Kindly follow below given procedure for enabling new TACs at your SDC–

  1. Ensure the content size, i.e. 360Mb
  2. Extract/unzip the downloaded file, you will get ‘Content’ folder
  3. From ERA LF Login do the Health Check.
  4. Copy and replace Content folder at following location-
    • Path: Paste the extracted “Content” folder at D:\BSDM_KYP_2018\Content (you can choose the drive where you have copied the content). Allow “Replace the content” popup.
  1. Once the content copying process is completed successfully, the content will be visible in LF/learner login.


Please find the image for reference.


Pre-requisites –

  • Delete the temporary files of all systems
  • Clear/Refresh the ERA browser
  • Clear the cache or browsing data of Google Chrome