We would like to inform you that, we are releasing Biometric Attendance through ERA 2018 on 12th July 2018 at 12:00 PM onwards.

Please follow below steps:


Following functionalities will be added in ERA 2018

  1. Separate LF login to conduct classroom hrs.
  2. Biometric attendance compulsory for LF to conduct classroom
  3. Biometric attendance compulsory for learners to attend Lab & Classroom hours.

We are request you to go through the guidelines document (LF and Learner’s Biometric Attendance Guide v1.1).

So you are requested to record finger prints of leaning facilitators and learners on 12th July 2018.

Learning facilitator/ Center coordinator can record finger prints of learners, batch wise.

For example: If your center have 20 admissions for 7 to 11 slot then record 10 finger prints of 20 learners between 7 to 8 and if required between 8 to 9. In the same manner similar procedure can be followed for other slots

Important Note:

  1. learners will not be allowed to login without marking biometric attendance.
  2. LF will not be allowed to start the day without marking biometric attendance
  3. Both LF and learners are expected to mark their biometric attendance every hour i.e. four times in a batch. Otherwise ERA 2018 will show appropriate message.