We would like to inform you that, we are going to release ERA update today  9th Aug 2018 At 2:00 PM.


Update points:

  • Classroom related changes:
  1. Learner Pin will be accepted in Clicker App if the classroom is started for respective batch only. – i.e. if LF has started July batch classroom then only July batch learners Pin will be accepted for that classroom, any other batch learner (Jun or Aug) Pin will not accepted.
  2. Learner Biometric attendance is required to attempt the Clicker activity – without biometric attendance Learner will not allowed to submit the questions from Clicker Application.
  • Issues occurring in Nitgen Application are fixed.
  • Double verification of the fingerprint while registration is enabled – while fingerprint registration learner has to punch each finger twice, it will ensure that fingers are scanned properly to avoid data mismatch/cannot identify fingerprint issue (Please go through attached document)
  • Data mismatch issue in biometric attendance is resolved.

Please contact your DLC of Cluster Manager, if you are having any kind of confusion about above stages.


How to Update ERA 2018 Server:

  • Step1: You will find a massage at the bottom of ERA console (ERA 2018 server black screen) “On Your Next Run Version Will Be:”
  • Step2: Close the ERA 2018 Console & Reopen.
  • Step3: You will find Message on ERA Console “You are using ERA version:”
  • Step4: Do Health Check
  • Open ERA server every time by Administrator permission (Run as administrator)


Note: If ERA is not updating automatically, then you need to restart ERA console if ERA server console is already running, wait for the message (bottom of the ERA server console mentioned in Step 1). Detecting ERA update is depends on internet speed it can take minimum 1 minutes to 15 minutes. If any issue persists during update, please contact your DLC or Cluster Manager.