This is with reference to the changes we are doing for November 2018 KYP batch. All SDCs has already executed “Content Copying Utility” in their respective SDC server for enabling the upcoming changes.
SDCs those who have not executed this utility may not be able to run the forthcoming batch from Nov 2018 batch.

The next step in this process is to make our Learning Facilitators acquaint about these changes. In view of this, we have enabled “KYP 120 Session Welcome Course” in LF login. It is mandatory to view the course by using “ERA Browser” only.

Kindly follow the given steps to access the course:

  1. Perform “Health Check” from LF login, it will download 40mb (around 14000 files) data on server so it may take time. Kindly ensure good bandwidth available at your center. Alternatively, SDCs can download the required files using following link and run the exe file (Run this exe file as an administrator).
  1. Perform “Content Check”
  2. Click on “Load Content –-> Select “KYP 120 Session Welcome Course” –>Download Course Content –> Download Reference Material
  3. Click on “Reports” –> Generate Report –> KYP 120 Session Welcome Course –> November 2018 Batch
  4. From ERA Browser access the course on daily basis to complete 2 sessions per day
  5. LF should watch the entire session from ERA Browser.

It is prime responsibility of SDC coordinator to ensure that, All LF of his SDC are viewing at least two sessions daily (on each working day) basis from 3rd Nov 2018. This will enable our LFs to understand the changes. ERA will prompt LFs if any content is missing and the missing contents will automatically download from ERA central server if internet is available and connected to the server.

SDCs can contact their respective DLC or Cluster Manager if they face any kind of issue in this respect.