We would like to inform you that, we have done the few changes in KYP course which are as follows:

  1. Classroom session duration updated to maximum 30 to 35 minutes per classroom hour.
  2. From 21st day start (Session 41 & 42) of November batch only two Clicker activities in each classroom hour will be conducted. These two clicker activities will have total 2 to 5 clicker questions.
  3. Now learners can complete two absent sessions (and can recover 1 Absent day) by attending class on Sundays.
  4. SDCs can call all absent learners from the week on Sunday, then conduct their classroom hour and lab hour without starting the day.
  5. Only absent learners can complete maximum two sessions on Sundays without starting day. Learners can complete classroom from lab on Sundays, learners score and attendance will be considered for sessions completed on Sundays.
  6. LF are requested to not start day on Sunday if they are wishing to complete absent sessions. If LF starts the day, then two new sessions will be opened and learners are expected to complete current sessions. Hence, they will not be able to recover the absent day if the day is started by LF.

**”To enable above changes on your ERA server please perform health check, if you are facing problem in performing health check then alternatively you can run following utility on ERA server.”  

Follow the below mentioned Step to run above utility on ERA server:

Step 1. Download utility from above link.

Step 2. Run this utility as an administrator on your ERA server.

Step3. You will find massages “Program Copying Started” after running this utility on server.

Step 4. “Program Copying Finished….!! Enter any key to exit !!!!” press any key or click on any button after successfully running this utility on your ERA server.

Note: No need to close ERA server during performing above steps.