Dear SDC,
We have released the ERA update version 19.03.10 today. Following are the changes done in the version released:

  • Session completion and scoring issue
  • Data uploading
  • Biometric attendance related issue
  • Single learner data upload functionality on report page in LF login

Please note that you may observe the following for the initial two to three days.

  • CPU utilization will be high
  • Health Check will take time


This update will be compulsory to perform any activity in ERA, without update LF will not be allowed to perform day start, perform a health check, data upload, start classroom etc. You will find “Framework version mismatch” or “App Version Mismatch” message while doing any of this activity. This time ERA update will take time, as it will take a complete backup of existing files from the local server and then it will start to download the latest files from the central server. It will require good internet speed for fast installation.
We request you to install this update in coming two days if possible and upload the data which is pending from many days.