After receiving various suggestions/feedback from SDCs, we have done several changes/upgrades in ERA from last 3 years which made ERA more stronger and stable. And we are continue in doing the same for better quality and learning experience.

With respect we would like to inform you we are coming with some of technical changes in ERA which we are going to release on 15th Feb 2020 around 2:00 PM, we expect same kind of support we are getting from last 3 years.

This ERA V 20.02.07 will make ERA framework more stable and more efficient which will reflect in a daily learning experience. After ERA update release we have found that many SDCs try to update ERA by replacing various files which can cause loss of learning data. For smooth installation and execution of this update, we request you to please go through the do and don’ts which is mentioned below.


  1. Upload data three times on daily basis
  2. Upload data three to four times before new ERA installation
  3. Please check is uploaded data reflected on SOLAR or not, if not inform your respective Cluster Manager/RM immediately and upload the same again
  4. Read the ERA update notification carefully, if having any doubt coordinate with Cluster Manager for more clarification
  5. Follow the instruction given in notification strictly
  6. Go through if any document is attached with ERA update notification
  7. Take proper care of ERA server machine


  1. Do not delete any files from ERA server
  2. Do not replace any files/folders without information of Cluster Manager/RM
  3. Do not run ERA installer directly by downloading from ERA web site
  4. Do not keep any non-ERA related software on ERA server machine

As we are going to release ERA update this is related to ERA technical upgrade, if you performed any abnormal activity while updating ERA i.e. Deleting files, replacing files for fast update, installation of ERA directly form ERA web site can cause very serious loss of your learner learning data which is not possible to recover. We will be able to recover only properly uploaded data from central server.

We are expecting complete support from you in this regards.

Update version: V 20.02.02
Date and time: 15th  Feb 2020, Around 2:00 PM