Dear KYP SDCs,
Upcoming KYP Final Exam is scheduled on “20th & 21st March 2020” !!!

Important Dates of Final Examination are provided below:-

Arrange to go through Important Document with respect to 20th & 21st March 2020 Exam Event((P&E3)):

Name of Exam EventCutoff DateDisplay of Eligible Candidate List in SDC LoginDate of ExamLast Date to Upload Data and EMD CertificationProcessing of Result after all Data is uploaded and certifiedFresh Attempt Batch DetailsSecond Attempt Batch DetailsThird Attempt Batch Details
20th & 21st March 2020 Exam Event(P&E3)17th March  2020 till 06.00 PM19th March 2020 after 01.00 PM20th & 21st March 202024th March 2020 up to 06.00 PM25th March 2020December- 2019.  Not ApplicableNot Applicable

Slot wise Time Scheduled for KYP Final Exam:-

Slot 1From 08.00 AM to 10.00 AMFrom 07.45 AM to 07.55 AM on Exam Date
Slot 2From 10.30 AM to 12.30 PMFrom 10.15 AM to 10.25 AM on Exam Date
Slot 3From 01.00 PM to 03.00 PMFrom 12.45 PM to 12.55 PM on Exam Date
Slot 4From 03.30 PM to 05.30 PMFrom 03.15 PM to 03.25 PM on Exam Date

Exam will be conducted in above mentioned timing only. There will be Four Slot in a Day and exam will be conducted in mentioned time for each Slot. After completion of Every Slot Exam SDC again need to Sync the Exam Data from OES to conduct the Exam of Remaining Learner. SDC can take exam of any learner in any mentioned Slot as per there wish. Exam will be of Two Hour and should start at mentioned Time only. If any Learner start the exam after the mentioned time i.e. If Exam is Started at 08.10 AM then Exam will close on 10.00 AM, timing will not be extended in any case.

Exam Duration and Compulsion time for Learners:

Course  NameExam DurationCompulsion time (Learner cannot end exam before this time)
BS-CIT Final Exam60 Mins30 mins
BS-CLS Final Exam40 Mins20 mins
BS-CSS Final Exam20 Mins10 mins

***Camera is mandatory on each and every Client machine. If exam is conducted without camera then learner will be considered as absent and invoice will not be generated for that learner***.

“Internet need to be connected for next 24 hrs. after completion of Exam”.

Important Note:- 

  • New Eligibility Criteria  from November-2018 Batch. Only those candidates who will score “8” Internal Marks in Classroom & “36” Marks in Lab Room or above Internal Marks and have completed 80% sessions per course on or before above cut-off date will be considered eligible for appearing in Final ExaminationLearner need to score separate “8” Marks in KYP Final Exam. Minimum Aggregate Passing will be 60%(Internal and Final Assessment).
  • 2nd Reexam  attempt will be provided to Learner who remained Absent, Failed or Non-Eligible in Fresh Exam Attempt. Absent &  Failed Candidate need to attempt the Exam again to score 60% Aggregate. Non-Eligible Learner for Fresh Exam Attempt can continue learning till 02nd Reexam Attempt cut-off date.
  • 3rd  Reexam  attempt will be provided to Learner who remained Absent, Failed or Non-Eligible in 2nd Reexam Attempt . Absent & Failed Candidate need to attempt the Exam again to score 60% Aggregate. Non-Eligible Learner for 02nd Exam Attempt can continue learning till 03rd Reexam Attempt cut-off date.
  • Uploading the Exam Data on the same day of Examination is mandatory.
  • Complete the Learning before cut-off date 17th March 2020 till 06.00 PM. Learning after 17th March 2020 till 06.00 PM will not be considered for Hall Ticket of 20th & 21st March 2020 Exam Event((P&E3)).
  • Conduct the Mock Test of all Learner before the Final Exam before 17th March 2020. Details regarding Mock Test in available on: will be kept on hold for next 4 hrs. on day of exam if it is found that Mock Test is not conducted.
  • There will be No Mock Test only Final Exam on date of  Final exam.
  • It is mandatory to end the Exam after completion of Exam from Learner Login and it is the responsibility of LF to check whether Learner has ended the exam or not.  If a learner fails to do so then SDC needs to close exam the from OES Login after completion of exam of all learner at SDC.
  • It’s mandatory to certify allocated and uploaded candidates data by SDC’s through “Exam Monitoring Dashboard”. If SDC failed to certify exam event data in the given timeline (date of uploading & Certifying is mentioned hereinabove) then payment of Rs. 8650 will not be paid to SDC & BSDM will be free to take any kind of action.
  • Last Date to Upload Exam Data from OES Login and Certification of Exam from EMD Login is  24th March 2020 up to 06.00 PM.