This is with reference to BSDM’s letter dated, 30th September 2022 on page number 07 (Annexure-V) with subject line as mentioned below:

Subject: Notification Regarding Revised KYP Curriculum to be implemented from November 2022 Batch

District wise orientation-cum-Training Sessions were conducted by the RMs and attended by KYP SDC Learning Facilitators (LFs) and Coordinators between October 10, 2022 to October 15, 2022 at respective district level.

After considering the feedbacks from SDCs, CEO, BSDM instructed to implement the revised KYP Course Curriculum with Microsoft Office 2019 from December 2022 Batch to allow the SDCs to fulfill the requirement shared with the earlier letter.

Kindly note that the KYP November 2022 batch will be launched with the current syllabus only.

Enclosed: BSDM Letter dated 30th September 2022