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How to check Learner Attendance Report in SDC Login


Using Bizclient and Learner Attendance System for learners attendance

How to use Bizclient and Learner Attendance System for learners attendance / इस विडियो में हम सीखेंगे Bizclient और  Learner Attendance System सॉफ्टवेर के  उपयोग से विद्यार्थियों की Attendance कैसे लें?


BizClient and Learner Attendance system Software

1.      How to Use BizClient and Learner Attendance system Software?

  • Right Click On Biz Client Icon by mouse and select “Run as Administrator“.
  • Then Enter Solar Login Id and Password (KYP Code and Password)
  • Then click on Go Button to register Biz Client. (Connecting to SOLAR, Please wait…. and Registering Biz Client, Please wait…these massages will display)


  • Then after successful registration click on Ok
  • Then click on Pencil Button for selection of Course and Batch and then click on “Ok” button.


  • Then first Click on “Data Sync” button to sync data.


  • After successful sync Click on back Button.


  • Click on Download Button to download uploaded data (Students data, photo and form)


  • For doing this Click on Data Tab and select radio button of “Learner Data”.Then Click on “click here to Download Learner Data.” 


  • Note: Do the same process for PhotoSign and Learner Exam and Payment Status to Download in Biz Client.
  • Then go back and Click on Enroll Fingerprint to enroll fingerprint.


  • Then click on  “Learner” radio ButtonSelect Learnerselect Finger and ask students to keep his finger on bio-metric device to capture finger.


  • Then Click on Capture Button. (Do this similar process to capture other fingerprint.)
  • Do you want to save fingerprint? This massage will display if capture image of fingerprint is clear and visible then click on Yes if not then click on No and scan again.


  • Note: Minimum 2 fingerprints should be captured of both hands and it should be clear as shown in bellow image.


  • Do this Process for all students…..
  • Go back and click on Upload button to upload fingerprint data.


  • Then Click on Fingerprint, select learners and click on “Upload Fingerprints” button and wait till uploading…



  • After uploading Fingerprint data successfully Close BizClient and Start Learner Attendance.

2.   How To Use Learner Attendance Software?

  • Click on “Learner Attendance” icon and open


  • Once you open Learner Attendance Software it will look like as below image.


  • Then ask students to do daily punching for recording attendance.


  • Now Here you can see learners photo and signature if given, his/her total absent & Present days as below image.


  • Note: You can mark attendance of only those learners whose fingerprint is captured.

How to View Attendance?

  • Open “Biz-Client” software.
  • Click on Attendance button to view Attendance..


  • It will look like as shown in bellow image…



 Note: You can see attendance of  students.