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Learner Confirmation related details shall be elaborated here.

Learner Allotment and Confirmation Process on BSDM Portal

1.      Steps of Learner Allotment and Confirmation :

a) Learner Allotment Process:

  • Go to our portal by using following link:
  • Link:
  • Then Click on Login Button
  • Then Click on For Kushal Yuva Program Login
  • Then Enter Your User Name (KYPSDC Code) and Password and Click on Login.
  • Click on “Admission” Tab
  • Then click on “Learner Allotment” tab  and proceed further process shows in following images :learner-allotment


  • Then select batch if available as shown in bellow image.


  • Then “Learner successfully allotted….” this message will display as shown in bellow image.


  • Following messages may arrive during “Learner Allotment Process” and there solutions:


  • If you are trying to allocate same student:


  • If no learner found…


  • If learner is already allocated…


Note: After completing learner Allotment process successfully candidate name will be available under “Convert to Admission” tab for further process. 


      b) Convert to Admission Process:

  • Then again click on “Admission” Tab.
  • Then Click On “Convert to Admission”


  • Then Select Course as KYP Course, Batch (e.g. 2nd Feb 2017) And
  • Then “Convert To Admission” Window will be appear in which the candidate list will be made available for confirmation. You have to verify the learner as per Excel Sheet and then Click on “Submit” Button to add Student for Final Confirmation.


  • Once you click on Submit Button Student will get added & Added option will reflect.


Note: You have to submit only those Students who are willing to come at your Center. Once Candidate Submitted Cannot be edited or changed at any circumstances.

   What after “Convert To Admission” ?

2.   Confirm Learners :

Note : Please confirm Learners only in multiples of 20 candidates. (Example: 20,40,60 or 80).

  1. First you need to Confirm SHA Students.
  2. Second you need to Confirm KYP Students.

Step 1. Confirmation Of SHA Candidates:

  • Click on “Admission Tab”
  • Then Click on “Learner Management”
  • Then Click On “SHA Learner Confirmation”


  • Then Select Course (KYP Course), Batch (e.g. 2nd Feb 2017) and Click on Next Button. (Once you click on Next button SHA Students list will appear which you have add.
  • Then Click on Sent OTP (Student will receive OTP on his registered Mobile number you have to Enter this OTP in front of Candidate Name.

Sent OTP

  • Then Click on Confirm Button.

Note: If Candidate don’t have registered mobile with himself/herself, you can Enter YOUR SDC CODE (Starting with KYP)

 Step 2. Confirmation of KYP Candidates.

  • For confirming KYP Candidates Click On “Admission Tab”
  • Then Click on “Learner Management”
  • Under Payment Section Click on “Payment of Course Fee” Tab


  • Then Click on Action Radio Button.


  • Then at select category click on radio button of “Fees Not Yet Paid” 


  • Then Click on “Regular with Single Instalment” Check box.
  • Then select Students those have paid deposits to you by clicking at Status Tab.
  • Then Click on “Continue To Enter Payment Details” by doing this students will get confirmed.

Note: Before doing this first confirm that you have deposited sufficient amount in your advance amount valet by clicking on “Finance Tab and then Payment Tab”   If you have sufficient amount in your advance account then you can proceed for KYP learner confirmation.  

How to View Final List Of Confirmed Learners?

  • Click On “Admission Tab” 
  • Then Select “Learner Management” and click on “List” Tab.


Then confirmed students list will be appear as follows.



Note: If Total Intake Capacity Shows = 0 and Available Intake Shows =0, then check WORM Data from your login.