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Use of Teamviewer for remote support

Play following video to learn how to use Teamviewer Software for remote support / इस विडियो में हम सीखेंगे Teamviewer सॉफ्टवेर के उपयोग से रिमोट सपोर्ट कैसे ले ?



Intake Capacity


      How to Check WORM Data

  • Go to our portal by using following link:
  • Link:
  • Then Click on Login Button
  •  Click on For Kushal Yuva Program Login
  •  Enter Your User Name (KYP SDC Code) and Password and Click on Login.
  • Click on “Network Partner” Tab as shown in following image.



  • Click on “Reports” as shown in following image.



  • Click on “View WORM Data”  as shown in following image.



  • Select Year “2017”   from Drop-down list as shown in following image


  • You will see the List of computer systems which is uploaded through WORM software.
  • Please check whether 1 (Server) + 21 (Clients) machines available or not.
  • Also select Year “2016” and check that 1 (Server) + 21 (Clients) machines available or not.






WORM Software Setup

1.    WORM Software Setup Download and Installation Procedure :



  • Dual Core 2Ghz Processor (with Hyper threading) or Quad Core 2Ghz Processor or Equivalent
  • 1TB Hard Disk
  • DVD W/R
  • 15 inch Screen / LCD Monitor
  • Webcam
  • Multimedia Keyboar
  • Ethernet Port (10/100/1000 Mbps)
  • Quantity required per center: 1
  • The above-mentioned server can support up to 21 clients. If number of clients is more, the server RAM should be increased proportionately

b) MINIMUM CLIENT CONFIGURATION (Desktop / Preferably Laptop)

  • Dual Core Processor (2.3 Ghz) with 4GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Disk
  • Integrated Graphics
  • 14 inch and above Screen / LCD Monitor
  • Webcam
  • Multimedia Keyboard
  • Headphone with Mic
  • Ethernet Port (10/100/1000 Mbps)

c) Minimum Setup Required To Generate Intake Capacity

  • Quantity required per SDC: 20 Clients + 1 Desktops / Laptops as a Server + 1 Laptop in Classroom connected with Projector and Speaker
  • Quantity required per BSDC: 20 Clients + 1 Desktops / Laptops as a Server + 1 Laptop in Classroom connected with Projector and Speaker. 


  • NComputing is not allowed.
  • Turn Off Windows Firewall.
  • Turn Off Windows Auto Update.
  • Ensure that all Clients are connected to server through LAN and Server should be connected to Internet.
  • Use Manual IP Address e.g. Server = & Client =  To168.1.2

Note: Before processing further please ensure above mention prerequisites are fulfilled.

2.    How To Download and Install WORM Software?

  • Go to our portal by using following link:
  • Link:
  • Then Click on Login Button
  • Then Click on For Kushal Yuva Program Login
  • Then Enter Your User Name (KYPSDC Code) and Password and Click on Login.
  • Then Click on “Applicant Organization” Tab.
  • Then Click on “Download WORM Software” Tab and download WORM Software.


  • After Completion of download double click on downloaded file.
  • Then Run Setup. exe file by doing double click.


  • Then Click on Run Button.


  • Click on Next > Next & Close Button WORM Software will get install WORM Server And WORM Client Icon displays on the desktop as shown in bellow image.”



Note: Install WORM software on each client and server with the same process.

3.    How to upload server and clients through WORM software?

How to Use WORM Software on Server Computer:

  • First go to Server PC & Double Click on “WORM Server Icon” to run WORM Software on Server.
  • Enter your User Name and Password (Your AO Code and Password) and click on next button.


  • Select Financial Year and Click on Next Button. 


  • Once you click on Next Button your server details automatically get updated in WORM Software with servers IP Address. Note down Server IP Address for further process.


  • Keep running WORM software and now go to client PC.

4.    How to use WORM software on client computer ?

  • Double click on “WORM Client” Icon to run WORM Software on client PC.
  • Then enter your “Servers IP address” which you have noted before or check and click on SUBMIT.


  • Once you click on Submit Button “Data Sent Successfully to Worm Server” this massage will display so click on OK Button.


  • Then Go to Server PC (where you Kept running WORM software) you can see details of PC with its IP Address which you processed



  1. Do this same process on all CLIENTS.
  2. If any DATA reflected in RED colour g. Processor, RAM & Hard Disk etc. it means that you have to change it because it’s not as per our given configuration on website.
  • After doing above mentioned process on all clients Go to Server PC and Click on Upload Button.


  • Enter Up-loader Name & Mobile Number.


  • Now you can see the list of clients which you processed on server.


  • “Congratulation….! Computer details uploaded successfully.” This massage will display after successful uploading, So click on ok Button. 


  • Then Login In to your SOLAR and click on “Applicant Organization Tab”
  • Then click on “View WORM Data” you can see there uploaded computers.


  • Then you have to save uploaded computer Server as “Server” & all Client as “Client”.
  • After submitting all Data (Server & Clients) it will get approved automatically.


OnCET for Learner Facilitator

OnCET online Examination instruction for Examinees

1. About Online Examination

  • The exam will be conducted in truly online mode i.e. Internet will be required throughout
    the exam duration.
  • Broadband Internet connectivity of minimum 256 Kbps speed is required for attempting the exam.
  • To attempt this online exam, you will have to install the exam software on your PC/Laptop.
  • To install the exam software, you will need a PC/Laptop with following hardware & software configuration.

Minimum Recommended Hardware Configuration

  • 1.3 GHz processor or above HDD – 10 GB Free Hard Disk Space on C drive
  •  2 GB RAM (1 GB RAM should be free & usable)
  •  Computer peripherals viz. Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard
  • Web Cam (Integrated or external with minimum resolution of 320×240 )

Minimum Recommended Software Configuration

  • Any of the below windows operating system installed onC Drive
  • Windows 8 32/64 Bit
  • Windows 7 32/64 Bit Service Pack 1
  • Windows Vista 32Bit/64 Bit Service Pack 2
  • Windows XP 32 Bit Service Pack 3, Windows XP 64 Bit Service Pack 2
  • MKCL Exam Software
  • Updated Anti-Virus
  • Tech Support Software – TeamViewer 4.0
  • (Download Link:
  • Drivers
  • Display/Graphics Drivers
  • Audio and Video Drivers
  • Webcam Drivers
  • Internet Connection
  • Broadband Internet with minimum speed of 256 Kbps or above

2. Exam Software Installation Steps

  • Before installing this software on your PC/Laptop, please ensure that there is enough free space on C Drive.
  • from below link You can download & install the exam software
  • Link  (Zip File Size – 76 MB)
  • Ensure that you are logged into your PC/Laptop with Administrator privileges & then run the software setup as shown below to install it.
  • Right Click on exe file & select Run as administrator. Installation will get start.


  • Then Click on Install and Follow the Screen instructions.
  • After the Software gets installed successfully, click on Yes and restart computer system.


  • After the software is successfully installed on your PC/ Laptop, you can see the shortcut icon created on desktop as shown here.
  • You can also view the software’s entry in the list of Software’s installed in Control Panel Uninstall Programs (Add/Remove Programs) as shown below.


3. Nature of Exam

  • Syllabus of Examination (Topics) – Windows 7, Internet, Personal Information Manager (PIM), Database Management, All About Computers, Making IT Work for You, Communication and Networks, Input and Output, System Software, System Unit, Secondary Storage, Internet, Web and Electronic Commerce, Word Processing 2013, Excel 2013, Power Point 2013.
  • Examination Pattern
    Exam Duration – 60 minutes
    No. of Questions – 50
    Total Marks – 50 (1 Mark for each question)

4. Important Exam Instructions

  • Any system restore point configurations should not be done or system restore software’s like
    Deep Freeze etc. should not be installed on the PC/Laptop from which candidate will attempt
    the online exam.
  • Candidate should configure appropriate display settings from power options of operating
    system & ensure that the desktop screen don’t gets locked if kept idle for long time.
  • Using Web camera is mandatory to attempt exam. Web camera should be connected to the
    PC/Laptop system on which the exam is being attempted and it should be always in ON state.
  • Candidate should position himself in front web camera suitably with his/her face being clearly
    visible & he should ensure that he is being recorded by the web camera throughout the exam.
  • If the web camera is disconnected from the PC/Laptop system any time during the exam, then
    exam will stop immediately. The exam can be started again only when web cam is connected
    again & then exam will start from the point where it had stopped earlier.
  • The candidate should ensure that during the exam no other person gets captured in the web camera preview.
  • The action performed by candidate on exam window interface will be recorded throughout the exam duration. Also candidate’s continuous live video recording shall happen while attempting the exam. IP address of your computer will also be recorded.
  • After candidate finishes attempting the exam, the data will be automatically uploaded to server. Candidate should not close the exam software window at this time. Candidate should wait till the time data is uploaded successfully. It is candidate’s responsibility to ensure that data is uploaded successfully.
  • While attempting online exam, candidate should not press any key from keyboard as the exam may be locked in such case.

5. Attempting the Exam

  • To attempt the exam, ensure that internet is on & web camera is connected to the system & then click on desktop shortcut icon Exam login window will get open.exam-icon


  • Now Enter Exam login Id and Password received by SMS on registered Learning Facilitators mobile number/ e-mail Id.attempting-exam-2
  • Candidate should ensure that his/her name & photo is correct & then click on Take a Test button to start the exam.


  • Candidate should select the appropriate webcam & adjust himself in front of webcam preview accordingly & click on Ok button.
  • If webcam is not attached to the machine, then exam will not start.
  • If black screen is appearing in webcam preview, then in such case, close & open the Exam software or restart the machine & try again.


  • Candidate should read all the instructions carefully & click on next button.



  • Candidate should select the desired language, tick the check box for instructions & click on I am ready to begin button to start the exam.



  • Candidate should attempt the questions. The exam interface is explained in above image.


  • Exam will get end automatically after stipulated time. Candidate will get “Your Time is Up” message
    OR if Candidate wishes to end his exam before time then he/she must click on the End Test button to
    end the examination. Also Candidate should confirm that he/she has attempted all the questions
    before clicking on End Test button.
  • If Candidate closes the exam window before Time Up or without ending the test then his/her result
    will not be considered.

6. Taking exam Data File backup


  • Once candidate finishes attempting exam, data will get uploaded. If any error occurs,
    then please retry data uploading.


  • Candidate will have to preserve this exam data file with them & if asked then candidate will have to submit this file.


7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. On opening exam software, I am getting white screen instead of login window ?white-window
This happens when internet is not started or disconnected on the PC/ Laptop.
Please ensure that internet is working & then try again.

2. While attempting the exam, I see a white screen in the exam window as shown below.faq-1
In such case you can close the software directly using close button. Ensure that the internet is connected & do login again, then your exam will start again from same point where it had stopped earlier.

3. While attempting the exam, power supply went off or PC/Laptop shut down
abruptly. What will happen now?
You can start your machine, open exam software & do login again, your exam
will start again from same point where it had stopped earlier.

4. While attempting the exam, system got hang/unresponsive. What can I do now?
You can close the exam software directly using close button or restart the machine directly. When you open exam software & do login again, then your exam will start again from same point where it had stopped earlier.