1.      I am using ERA Explorer, but still content is not visible in learner login, what needs to be done?

  • Install Adobe Flash Player from the link below.

Click Here to download.

Even after installing above two applications, if the content is not visible then you need to contact your respective SISA Coordinator.

2.      While learner tries to see the eContent he gets the error as Page cannot be found. What am I supposed to do?

  • This error message comes when the eContent is not loaded.
  • Load the content which you have been provided using the ERA LF Login.

3.      Other Issues :      

  • Not able to see the Hindi font
    1. Solution: You need to enable Unicode on the System
    2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
  • Select the Keyboard and Languages Tab. Then click on the Change Keyboards button.
  1. Select the General Tab and click on the Add button
  2. Select Hindi languages as shown
  3. Click OK to save the changes and close the Regional Options panel.
  • Restart the computer
  • Not able to see the Content/White screen in ERA
    1. Solution: You need to ensure that complete content is copied on server.
    2. Even after this you are facing the issue ensure following steps
  • In Control Panel>Add/Remove Program check if VLC is installed
  1. If VLC is not present then download VLC media player from link: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html
  2. Learner Not able to solve Do It Yourself Activities for BS-CIT or
  • Session Completion Certificate not generated for BS-CIT
    1. Solution: Download and install ERA Framework update 2.6 released on 9th Jan 2017
    2. Learner can now attempt Do It Yourself Activity
  • Once the learner attempts Do It Yourself activity, he/she can generate Session Completion Certificate by clicking on Node named Session Completion Certificate present in the respective Session
  • Learner when trying to attempt Session End Test gets message as you are not eligible for this test.
    1. Solution: Download learner data for the said course from LF login
    2. Once the course gets downloaded successfully, Learner can now attempt the test without any issues.

      4.Oops! 404, The requested source is not available.

  • Solution: Click on Notification button shown in below screenshot and download the desired content from the list.  (Note : Internet connection is required to download).




4. Course Validity is expired.



  • Login to ERA Explorer by suing SDC Code and Password.
  • Then Under Data Management Menu Click on Download Course link. Wait till the course get downloads.
  • Then Click on Download Learner Data.
  • Select Course (KYP COURSE) and Batch
  • Then Click on Download button.
  • Once Learner data downloaded successfully go to the client machine and login using candidate login credentials.  Check problem is resolved.


5. Program Error Message!!!

Call was rejected by callee.

Solution :

  • If eLecta live software running on background,it should be closed
  • Read all instructions of DIY (exa. in excel DIY activities do not edit merged cells).


6.  Program Error Message!!!

Class not registered

Solution :

  • Please ensure flash player 11 is installed on all machines/two flash player version should not be there.
  • If flash player is updated then remove it and download Flash Player 11 by following link.

Click Here to download Flash Player 11.  (Note : After Download please disconnect internet connection when installing Flash player 11)

7. An thread exception is caught by the program. Application will close after clicking ‘OK’

Solution :

  • Ensure that any camera consuming tools like eLecta live software should be running then close these applications.
  • Ensure web-camera drivers are properly installed because ERA needs camera access while solving TAC/DIY etc.
  • ERA should not be opened in multiple tabs.


8.  Failed to open document in DIY

Solution :

  • Office 2013 should be installed.
  • Install updates from MKCL updater & it should be successful.


9. You are not eligible for assessment. If issue persists, kindly contact ERA support

Solution :

  • Step 1 : Run OES Content set 1 & OES Content set 2 provided by SISA Coordinator.
  • Step 2 : Download Course & Learner Data from Center Coordinators ERA login.
  • Step 3 : Map OES server from Center Coordinators ERA login.


10. Schedule for the selected paper has been expired. Please contact your support executive.


Solution :  Download the patch from below download link and run on Server