Kushal Yuva Program (KYP) Final Examination is scheduled on 1st & 2nd February 2018.

The important dates of Final Examination are provided below:-

Consideration of Learning Marks Cut-Off (Internal Assessment)
28th January 2018 up to 6.00 PM
Display of Eligible Candidate List in SDC Login
31st January 2018 after 05.00 PM
Final Examination
01st February & 02nd February 2018 between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Exam Data Upload & Certification
02nd February to 05th February  2018 up to 6:00 PM

Exam will be conducted for following batches:-

  1. 4th September Batch:- Re-exam ( Last Attempt)
  2. October Batch:- Re-exam (Second Attempt)
  3. November Batch:- Fresh Exam


Only those candidates who will score 20 or above Internal Marks and have completed 80% sessions per course on or before above cut-off date will be considered eligible for appearing in Final Examination. A candidate who does not qualify for final exam till above cut-off date will get a chance to complete their learning at the center and score 20 marks to become eligible for the 2nd exam event, such candidate will be considered as absent in the 1st exam event and their one chance will be considered as exhausted. Those candidates who remain absent or do not qualify for the 2nd Exam event will be provided one last chance to appear in the 3rd exam event. Candidates failing to secure 20 internal marks or remain absent in all three exam events will be considered as fail. No further attempts will be provided to such candidates.

 A candidate who has scored 40 marks in internal assessment and final examination combined and 80% attendance in each paper will be considered as pass in that paper. If candidate’s internal marks are more than 40, then also the candidate has to appear in the Final Exam to improve his percentage. Such candidates if absent in final exam will be considered as absent and their attempt will be exhausted. Detailed instruction for final examination shall be provided to you separately.

Kindly ensure all learners in your center complete their learning as per schedule provided above.

No request for extension or postponement of above dates will be entertained by BSDM.

Please find the attached document and go through the same thoroughly. Please go through the Update KYP Final Guide.

***Camera is mandatory on each and every Client machine. If the exam is conducted without camera then learner will be considered as absent and invoice will not be generated for that learner***. Internet need to be connected for next 24 hrs after completion of Exam.


Important Note:- 

  • LF System Check is a Mandatory Activity which will start from 27th January 2018 and need to be completed before 1st February 2018
  • Uploading the Exam Data on the same day of Examination is mandatory.
  •  There will be no Mock Test only Final Exam.
  • It is mandatory to end the Exam after completion of Exam from Learner Login and it is the responsibility of LF to check whether Learner has ended the exam or not.  If a learner fails to do so then SDC needs to close exam the from OES Login after completion of exam of all learner at SDC.(Refer attached KYP Exam Guide Document)
  • It’s mandatory to certify allocated and uploaded candidates data by SDC’s through “Exam Monitoring Dashboard”. If SDC failed to certify exam event data in the given timeline (date of uploading & Certifying is mentioned hereinabove) then payment of Rs.7776 will not be paid to SDC & the payment made in the earlier invoices will be recovered from SDC.