Dear SDC,

As we know that, from November 2018 batch the weightage for TAC, DIY, Session Completion Test and Classroom Clicker Activity are 25% each.

It is observed that many learners have not attempted DIY, TAC, Session Completion Test,  & Clicker Activity or Session is still not completed and thus most of them were unable to become eligible for the  Final Exam.

So, it is decided to reconsider situation exceptionally for February 2019 Batch only, and provide the learning for Non-Eligible Learners.

Learning of Non-Eligible Learners (Those Learner were not eligible for 21st & 22nd May 2019 Exam event) will be opened till next two exam event.

This learner has been mark as exception case and will be provided two Reexam Attempt. Do health check twice, Restart ERA Server and Refresh ERA Browser.